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Genial JOZ - J23 TENS Machine

Price: $178.00   Out of Stock

The Genial JOZ - J23 TENS Machine has the ability to soothe, relieve and massage different areas of your body. With its large LCD screen, this device offers you the quality that you deserve, along with the desired programs and technology that will deliver pain relief - and fast. This unit is one of our premium TENS devices, so you will not be dissappointed!




TS1089 Tens Ultra Portable Machine

Price: $139.00

The TS1089 TENS Ultra Portable is just the TENS unit for the person on the move, or someone who likes the convenience of a therapeutic device that fits into their pocket. This unit is equipped with the latest lithium ion battery technology, and is designed specifically to increase micro-circulation and reduce acute pain.




TS1088 TENS Slimline Pro Machine

Price: $127.00

The TS1087 Slimline Pro TENS is one of our most versatile units, as it packs the punch and programability of our larger machines - but is small enough to use almost anywhere. This unit is ideal if you need to use a TENS machine whilst at work, in the vehicle - or almost anywhere!





 TS1087 Tens Slimline Machine

Price: $123.00

The TS1088 Slimline TENS embraces the latest technology, whilst being small enough to use almost anywhere. This unit is fitted with a lithium ion battery, and is a favorite with many of our customers.





TS1017 TENS Basic

Price: $78.00

The TS1017 Basic is an entry level TENS, providing the consumer with a rock-solid performer TENS unit that will last for years, whilst not breaking the bank! If you are unsure of Electo Muscular Stimulation and desire to see if this type of therapy is for you, then look no further - this unit is the perfect introduction! 




TS1012 TENS Feet Electrodes / Pads Combo

Price: $113.00

The AS1012 Feet Stimulation TENS is specifically desinged to treat the lower legs - primarily the calf and feet area. Whilst wearing the feet electrodes, the user has 8 different modes to choose, along with varying levels of intensity. This TENS model is primarily for those with circulation issues in the lower extremities. 



TS1033 Breast Stimulator TENS Unit

 Price: $88.00

The AS1033 Breast Stimulation Tens Machine is designed to increase circulation within the breast. This unit embraces hi-tech micro bio-electric technology with programs ranging from general toning of the breast for post lactation, whilst stimulating under-developed breast tissue to grow.



 Aihua HK - D5


TENS electro therapy has been used extensively by medical practitioners and sport doctors alike to very good effect. This kind of therapy provides instant relief against pain and muscle fatigue, sore muscles, and problem areas. This unit has it all, and is packed full of bonus equipment.




Butterfly Electro TENS Pads

Price: $22.90

Butterfly electrodes allow you to cover a greater surface area, and generally used for the lower back, thighs and shoulders. Pack of 4 electrodes.




Square Electro TENS Pads

Price: $14.90

Square pads (4cm by 4cm) are a convenient size to effectively treat most areas of the body. These pads can be used over and over again, and are very durable and long lasting. Pack of 4 electrodes.



TS-167 Foot Massager

Price: $33.90

This innovative Foot Massager assists with blood circulation and toxin elimination from the feet. With as little as 15 minutes of use per day, therapeutic results have been reported from the activation of acupuncture points.



TENS Adapted Feet Electrodes

Price: $34.90

These pair of TENS Feet Electrodes are designed to stimulate multiple acupuncture meridian points within the feet - and attach effortlessly to most TENS / EMS units. Built with quality in mnd, these slippers can be worn as standard foot ware as well.




 Advanced Nano Silver Electrode Sock

Price: $39.90

If you suffer from peripheral circulation issues, and would like to engage a therapy that assists - then TENS electrotherapy using these special silver impregnated conductive socks may well be the answer.




Advanced Nano Silver Electrode Glove

Price: $43.90

These Advanced Nano Silver Electrode Gloves are for those that have circulation issues, and are seeking relief via the use of TENS / EMS therapy. These gloves encorperate the latest technology in silver-assisted healing, and are very comfortable on the hands also.

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