About us

Healthy Action is a company focused primarily on health and well being. It has been our experience for many years as health care workers that there is an enormous disparity between the truth and the actual information that we as a people are taught to believe by the status quo.

It has always been of great importance to us to provide a service that is both wholistic in its approach, whilst providing products that meet our criteria of quality and excellence. Our collective experience within the field of health allows us to pull many years of knowing what works, and more importantly - what doesn't.

All the items that are available within this site are either personally used by us or recommended by our colleagues, thus affording you the peace of mind that our products have met with the collective approval of of Healthy Action and health practitioners alike.

As we continue to grow the range of health products endorded by us, we will endeavor to guarantee that our selection criteria remains consistant with the morality and scruples of Healthy Action. Our products must provide the customer with the best value and quality - including both the build quality of our physical products, and the efficacy of our health giving supplements. 

 If you cannot find the required information on our site about a particular item, or would like to know more, please feel free to email us at support@healthyaction.com.au, or call us on 02 8006 0947.

Thankyou from all of us at Healthy Action!

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