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Healthy Action's After Sales Service

At Healthy Action our priority right from the beginning has been to provide quality products, whilst assisting the consumer with the appropriate information to match products with people. We take this one step further and pride ourselves in our capacity to service people's needs after they purchase from us.

As our goal is to provide unique and inovative products, some of the products we import are solely done so by us - hence forth the necessity for our own internal service division. In a nutshell, this means that we have the ability to repair or service any item that we stock - needless to say our service time is very prompt.

If you require assistance or have an inquiry, feel free to visit our Frequently Asked Questions area, as there is a fair chance that your query has already been answered.

Otherwise, if you are requiring further assistance, please feel free to either email or call us directly. All emails will be answered within a span of 24 hours or less.




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