Shipping and Payment Options 


We ship our entire range of products Australia wide, and use either registered Australian Post or via courier.

Obviously, if the item is small, the most common route for us is registered mail with Australia Post. If the item is heavier than 20 kg, or occupies a certain volume of space, then we will use a courier service such as Fastways Courier. If you would like to purchase an item and send it overseas, then please contact us directly at 02 8006 0947 or email us for a precise shipping cost.

We intentionally keep our freighting costs low, though obviously this can be difficult at times depending on the size of the package and location of the individual.

In order to receive your item from us with the least amount of fuss, it is important that your contact details are correct and in order. Please read through the three pieces of bulleted information below;

  • When paying for the items, you would have been required to provide us with a primary delivery address, and also a phone number that you can be reached on in case the courier needs to call - please be sure that your contact details are up to date (especially when purchasing with paypal).
  • Unless specifically instructed, it is required to be present when the courier arrives - or conversley have someone acting as your proxy to sign for the item. If no one is present, the courier driver will notify you either by phone or note left at the premises.
  • Items that are smaller or fall outside of courier routes will be shipped via the Australian Post as registered mail. As with registered mail, you wil receive a card in the post requiring the package to be picked up and signed for at your local office.

If you require trcking details we can supply these upon request. You can email us at or call us at (02) 8006 0947.

Delivery Times

Once we are in receipt of the of your payment, the purchased item is shipped out either on the same day, or otherwise the subsequent day.

Depending on where a customer lives within Australia, shipping will vary somewhat between regions and States. As we are based in NSW, the following with provide you with average time allowances for items sent.

NSW & QLD Residential customers: Approx 1-3 business days after goods are shipped to reach desination.

ACT & SA Residential customers: Approx 2-4 business days after goods are shipped to reach destination.

NT & Vic Residential customers: Approx 2 - 4 business days after goods are shipped to reach destination.

WA & Tas Residiential customers: Approx 3 - 5 business days after goods are shipped to reach destination.

Rural & country areas: Please allow an average an additional 1 -2 days for your package to arrive.


Ordering onLine

When purchasing an item online at the Healthy Action store, there are a number of different transaction methods. These include;


Paypal is becoming a common method of purchasing online, but there are a few important things to remember before doing so. Please make sure that your shipping details are current, and also be sure to perform the transaction within Healthy Action's paypal provision. Otherwise important shipping data may be lost.

 Direct Deposit or EFT Bank transfer

Account name: Healthy Action
Bank: Commonwealth bank
BSB - 062 565
Acc No. - 1064 1544

Note: be sure to provide a receipt / order number with your payment.

Items will be shipped upon funds showing in our Healthy Action account (unless the Commonwealth Bank, this in most cases will be the following day).


Money order or cheque

 Please be sure to include the full name of healthy Action when filling out a money order or cheque, along with your own full name, delivery address and any relevant telephone and email addresses. Our policy is to wait until cheques and money orders clear before shipping out your item.


Return Policy

We at Healthy Action have such confidence in the products we stock that we will happily recieve an item back if you are not entirely satisfied. We offer a full 30 day refund / "return window" in which we will refund you your entire purchase price - minus shipping costs.

Upon receiving the item, we will notify you via email that the item has been received and that your account has been credited the initial cost of the item (minus shipping costs).

If the return item does not reach us, and the item is not registered, then the responsibility of tracking the item is with the sender.



If at any time you believe that the item purchased from us requires attention from us directly, then please contact us before sending the product back. Much of the time the simplistic but functional design of our items allows for simple servicing via the phone or email correspondance.

Failing this, and it has been established that your item needs on site support from our technical support, then please return the item with the receipt, your full name and contact details, also including a detailed description of the issue needing attention. 



As we import many of our products, the warranty is held and serviced by ourselves. We suggest that upon receiving the item from us, you submit your warrenty with us as soon as possible. This can be done via filling out the warrenty form and either posting, faxing or simply emailing us with the completed form.


If you require any further assistance or clarification about our protocols, feel free to email us at or call (02) 8006 0947



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