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Ionmax Ionic Air Purifier

Price: $250.00

The Ionmax® tower ionic air purifier uses electrostatic attraction to pull impurities from the air and collects this material upon collection blades. This unit doesn't use noisy fans to mechanically circulate the air through filters that tend to clog up. The only maintainace required is to wipe the collection blades with a damp cloth, and thats it!



 Solar Air Purifier Ionizer AH-40

Price: $179.00

This unit comes pre-installed with a super-activated carbon HEPA air filter that has the capacity to capture very small pollutant particles to an efficiency of 99.98%. This unit is perfect for the average sized home, and is gauranteed to keep the office fully ionized and cleansed at all times. This unit will effectively sanitize 12.8 cubic meters, or a 40 square meter house.



Solar Air Purifier Ionizer - AH-20

Price: $129.00

The Solar Air Purifier AH-20 come with all of the features of its big brother, but is small enough to keep in your vehicle. This unit also employs HEPA Filtration Technology, and removes air-borne particles & pollutants to an efficiency level of greater than 99.98%. The AH-20 cleanses 6 cubic meters, or approximately 22 square meters.



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