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 Ionmax Ionic Air Purifier - Dirty air no more...

Price: $250.00


 Ionmax Ionic Air Purifier - Filter Free

The Ionmax® tower ionic air purifier has three unique collection blades that electrostatically trap allergens and irritants and allergens before releasing the clean and freshly ionized air back into the room. This unit effectively circulates air without the use of noisy and distracting fans - thus eliminating the need for constant filter replacements.

How it works - what are negative ions?

Negative ions are tiny molecules that have no odor or taste, and are in fact oxygen atoms with an extra electron, having either a positive or neutral charge. The higher the quantity of these negative ions in an environment, the greater the level of life force and positive chi that abounds. It has now been proven that there is a strong correlation between ones health and vitality and the amount of negative ions within the immediate envirnment.

How does it clean the air?

This style of air purifyer works by changing the electrical charge of air pollutants such as dust, bacteria and viral pieces, and encourages them to clump together. This clumping action makes the resultant particles larger and heavier, thus falling out of the air and rendering them harmless.

 Examples of ion density 


100 ions / cc

 (very low) 




600 ions / cc




8000 ions / cc



90,000 ionc / cc



Ion Density 3,000,000 ions per cc! 

What does the research Say?

  • Actively reduces histimines within the air, thus mitigating hay fever and seasonal reactions. 
  • Minimizes the effects of passive smoking, allergies to pets, dust and pollens. 
  • Assists with eczema, tiredness, emphysema, sleeping issues, as well as general fatigue and lassitude. 
  • Destroys airborn pathogenic stressors such as bacteria, fungal spores and also staphylococci. 
  • Allows for greater healing to occur within less time - excellent for recovering from surgery and burn injuries. 
  • Increases ones ability to asorb oxygen, thus increasing the body's alertness and cognitive ability. 
  • Enhance your mood and boost your energy. 


  • Model: Ion401 
  • Negative Ion Output: 2,960,000 anions/cm3 
  • Ozone Output: 0.049ppm/cm3 
  • Coverage area: 60 suare metres 
  • Power Usage 15 W 
  • Power source: 220 - 240Volts 
  • Colour: Silver 
  • 70cm (High) 20cm (Depth) 15cm (Width)
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