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Epsil IPL Hair Removal System

Price: $490.00

The Epsil BSL-10 employs advanced IPL technology (Intense Pulsed Light), which is currently accepted as being the most effective and long term solution for hair removal.

If you are familiar with professional laser hair removal treatment, then this high quality, high output machine will make alot of sense. 



Epila Diode IPL Hair Removal Compact

Price: $189.00

The Epila Diode Compact also uses IPL laser light technology, and is ideal for areas that are more delicate and smaller. Under the arms, single hairs on the face, brow hairs, etc are specifically what this unit has been designed for.

With this unit, the days of using a tweezers are over - embrace IPL technology today!


Venus Diode IPL Hair Revoval Device

Price: $179.00

The Venus Diode unit employs IPL light technology and is small and convenient enough to use on sensitive areas. As with the Epila unit shown above, the Venus can be used almost anywhere, and is convenient enough to take travelling also.


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