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 Epsil BSL-10 Hair Removal System


 Price: $490.00


Epsil Hair Removal System - Advanced Technology at a Reasonable Price...

This system of hair removal is relatively new to the industry - but certainly offers a welcome reprive to the regular waxing sessions that many of us over the years have endured in the name of vanity!

How does the Epsil BSL - work?

This IPL technology (Intense Pulsed Light), works by sending a powerful laser flash down the length of the hair follicle. This process transfers the latent heat from the light pulse into surrounding cells that are responsible for sustaining the hair - soon leading to cells that are no longer capable of growing hair.

Who Can be Treated - can anybody use this therapy?

Those with dark hairs (or hair with more melanin) obtain the most effective results with IPL treatment, as the melanin in the hair yields the most heat into the surrounding tissue from the pulse flash. Individuals with white or very light coloured hair generally do not benefit as much - and require a higher power setting when using the Epsil BSL-10.

It is also important to note that those with dark skin (lots of endogenous melanin) need to take extra care whilst using this therapy, as the skin itself tends to absorb the emmitted light - thus less heat / pulse intensity along the shaft of the hair.

It is therefore necessary to treat such an individual on a much lower setting - which inevitably lengthens the time in which hair reduction will occur.


How many Treatments are Necessary - Do I Use it Continuously?

Generally, 4 - 6 treatments with IPL Laser Technology is required. The reason for this is that hair tends to grow in cycles, and the number of hairs within any given cycle of hair growth ranges from 20 - 90% (depending on the person and body area). Each growth cycle also varies in time, from 6 - 24 weeks, so IPL laser therapy is for those who are diligent. Let it be known that after the first treatment most users experience a signifigant reduction in regrowth, with subsequent hairs tending to be much finer & sparser.

It is important to know that the first treatment with UPL - type laser systems is thought to "synchronise" the anagen (growth) phase of the non-anagen hairs. It may thus appear to stimulate more hair growth, , but in fact it is just stimulating the new hairs to grow at the same time as the new growth. This in turn makes further treatments more effective.

Unique Features:

Pulses up to 220 hairs with each light burst.

Has a faster "charge cycle" between pulses than similiar units  - thus allowing for a quicker therapy.

Is close to 40% cheaper per square centermetre of treatment than its closest competitor!

Comes with a full two year warranty - most competitors provide only a 12 month warranty.

Is as powerful per cycle as the more expensive Silk'n and Rio IPL - but considerably cheaper to run.

How do I use this Unit - is it Complicated?

Before you begin, the skin should be shaved, dry & clean of any antiperspirants, deodorants and powders.

1... Switch the Epsil BSL-10 unit on by pressing the power button.

2... Soon after the unit has been activated, the "ready Indicator" with turn on & then sound a beep. This indicates the Epsil BSL-10 is ready for its initial pulse.

3... The machine will be by default set on its minimum power setting, so you will need to adjust according to your requirements.

4... Whilst using firm pressure, apply the head of the unit to the surface of the skin. Take special care to make sure that you apply the treatment evenly, with the applicator being firmly pressed upon the skin.

5... Press the discharge button so a pulse is relaesed. You will hear a pop sound, which is to be expected.

6... Remove the applicator head from the skin, and allow between 4 - 7 seconds for the unit to fully charge. You will be notified by "ready light" and  the accompanying beep.

7... Continue to repeat the steps mentioned above until the desired area is treated.

Note: Repeat treatments should be performed every  2- 4 weeks for a minimum of 4 sessions, though more may be required (depending upon skin colour, hair melanin content, etc).




Included With the Kit:

Epsil IPL Hair Removal System, Lamp Cartidge, AC cord, Goggle and Users Manual...


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