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Venus Diode Hair Removal System


 Price: $189.00


Venus Hair Removal System - Advanced Technology at a Reasonable Price...


 Benefits of Epila IPL Hair Removal; 

  1. Small compact design allows the user to target individual hairs in problematic areas, such as face, eyebrows and so forth. This allows total control. 
  2. Ease of use - Either use the low, medium or high setting & place the aplicator onto the target area, then pulse the hair in question (its that easy). 
  3. Saving money is what the Epila is all about, as it allows you to take your hair removal into your own hands - without continuosly paying salons on a regular basis. 
  4. Permanent hair removal is now possible with the use of IPL Laser Technology - over 90% of users report a dramatic reduction in target hair within the first 3 months. 
  5. Key activation - The Epila unit cannot be accidently operated by children, as it requires a special activation key inserted before application. 

How does this IPL Technology Work?

This IPL technology (Intense Pulsed Light), works by sending a powerful laser flash down the length of the hair follicle. This process transfers the latent heat from the light pulse into surrounding cells that are responsible for sustaining the hair - soon leading to cells that are no longer capable of growing hair.

The Epila Hair Removal Device uses the 808nm wavelength, which is the same frequency hair removal salons use the world over in their professional units. This is the optimal wave frequency in order to travel the shaft of the hair to the root.

         Hair Growth Cycle

When using IPL therapy, one must also understand the growth cycle of hair. There are 3 different stages of growth, with the first being Anagen. This is the growth phase (lasting 3 - 6 years), followed by the Catagen period (lasting 1 - 2 weeks), with the last stage being Telogen (lasting between 5 - 6 weeks).

 The importance of better understanding one's own hair growth cycle's allows for more effective treatment. Even though most hairs will be in the active Anagen growth period, it is still mandatory to follow up treatments on a regular basis initially to ensure all hair at some stage will be caught in the Anagen stage.

Safety Features

  • As shown below, all quality IPL units will require a key inserted into the device to activate. This ensures only the individual who has the key can activate the unit - thus providing protection against an accidental light impulse into thew eyes!

   Laser IPL Hair Removal Pre Treatment Procedures

It is important to know that the first treatment with UPL - type laser systems is thought to "synchronise" the anagen (growth) phase of the non-anagen hairs. It may thus appear to stimulate more hair growth, , but in fact it is just stimulating the new hairs to grow at the same time as the new growth. This in turn makes further treatments more effective.

 Scientific Studies on the Safety & effectiveness of IPL Therapy

   Use of IPL Therapy for Hair Reduction: Safety & Efficacy in a Large Series of Treatments

  Hair Removal with a Second Generation Broad Spectrum IPL Pulsed Light Source  


Kit Includes;

  • Venus IPL Hair Remover 
  • An AC mains power adaptor 
  • Bonus soothing gel pack 
  • Factory packaging 
  • Users Manual 
  • 12 month warranty 

Remember, with modern IPL Hair Removal technology, the choice is now yours as to whether you persist with lesser ineffective options - or make the decision to once and for all to vanquish that annoying hair...


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