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 Solar Air Purifier Ionizer LN-5040

Price: $179.00


 Solar Air Purifier Ionizer - Home Sanitizer

This unit comes pre-installed with a super-activated carbon HEPA ait filter that has the capacity to capture very small pollutant particles to an efficiency of 99.98%.

As this unit is completely solar powered, it is ideally suited for being left within one's vehicle, as the ambient light is more than enough to keep those health promoting negative ions flowing, whilst cleansing the interior cabin of heavy carbon-based molecules. Remember, the newer the vehicle, the greater the amount of chemicals liberated from the still curing fitout. What do you think that new car smell comes from?


  • This unit features a display that shows temperature, humidity, negative ion production, battery capacity, fan and current charging level. 
  • The super active HEPA filter, in combination with its activated carbon catalyst, has been shown to remove 99.98% of air borne particles. 
  • Harmful volatile organic compounds such as carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, hydrogen compounds, static electricity and allergens are all removed to an efficiency of over 99% by employing Nano Photocatalyst technology. 

This unit cleanses over 12.8 cubic meters per hour - effectively having the capacity of treating an average house of 40 square meters!

How it works - what are negative ions?

Negative ions are tiny molecules that have no odor or taste, and are in fact oxygen atoms with an extra electron, having either a positive or neutral charge. The higher the quantity of these negative ions in an environment, the greater the level of life force and positive chi that abounds. It has now been proven that there is a strong correlation between ones health and vitality and the amount of negative ions within the immediate envirnment.





What does the research Say?

  • Actively reduces histimines within the air, thus mitigating hay fever and seasonal reactions. 
  • Minimizes the effects of passive smoking, allergies to pets, dust and pollens. 
  • Assists with eczema, tiredness, emphysema, sleeping issues, as well as general fatigue and lassitude. 
  • Destroys airborn pathogenic stressors such as bacteria, fungal spores and also staphylococci. 
  • Allows for greater healing to occur within less time - excellent for recovering from surgery and burn injuries. 
  • Increases ones ability to asorb oxygen, thus increasing the body's alertness and cognitive ability. 
  • Enhance your mood and boost your energy. 


 Examples of ion density 


100 ions / cc

 (very low) 




600 ions / cc




8000 ions / cc



90,000 ionc / cc



Ion Density of the Solar Air Purifier Ionizer LN-5040 is 10,000,000 ions per cc! 


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