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Kyocera Ceramic Chefs Knife

 Price: $110.00



Kyocera Ergonomic Series Ceramic Chefs Knife

This range of ceramic knives are comfortable to use, and designed specifically for the enthusiast who likes spending time in the kitchen. The gripping surface has been ergonomically designed for comfort and cutting precision, with the blade profile of the knife being deeper to allow for greater knuckle clearance whilst cutting.


 Benefits include;

  • Lightweight - Ceramic blades mand from Zirconium oxide are less than half the weight of traditional steel blades. If you spend alot of time in the kitchen, then the importance of this soon becomes apparent.
  • Blade sharpness - Ceramic knives initially became popular with professional chefs due to the extended time between blade sharpening. With a professional diamond finished edge upon the blade, these knives will keep their edge up to ten times longer than an equivelent high quality steel example.
  • No rust, no smell - Unlike steel, a ceramic blade will not rust or chemically react to acidic compounds or enzymes within food. Also, with certain foods lesser quality steel used in some knives will begin to oxidize food - lessening the storage time and also affecting the flavour of foods.


Things to Remember;

  • Be sure not to drop the knife, as ceramic can be brittle and chip.
  • Remember to use a wooden or plastic cutting board - otherwise the blade edge can be damaged.
  • When the knife requires sharpening, source a professional equipped with a diamond grinder - the ceramic is so hard that only a diamond sharpener will suffice. 

All Kyocera Ceramic knives are are available in both white and black, and feature deeper blades for maximum knuckle clearance.

The ergonomic resin handle allows for precise control, whilst making it easy to find and more importantly use.

These knives are ideal for everyday use on vegetables, fruits and boneless meats - you will not be dissappointed!

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