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Hood Projection Solar Lamp - 4 LED (15w)



 Price: $49.00



Hood Projection Solar Lamp - No Mains Power Required!

This is a solar flood light that is ideal for dispalying garden features at night - without costing you a cent in electricity!

This unit only requires 6 - 8 hours of charging each day to provide up to 10 hours of lighting in the evening.

This floodlight can be manually switched on or off, or otherwise be set to automatically switch itself on as darkness falls, and then turn itself off as the morning light begins.

The life expectancy of this unit is approximately 50,000 hours, and has a working temperature between 20 - 65 degrees celsius.

Item Specifics;

Power Source: Solar

Solar Cell Type: Ni-MH

Voltage: 12v

Protection Level: IP65

Package Size: 17cm x17cm 41cm

Running Time: 10 hours

Charging Time: 6 - 8 hours (depends upon sun intensity & lamp position) 

 Why is LED Lighting Better than Incandesant Globes?

Just what is LED lighting, and why is it a better choice for me?

LED (Light Emitting Diodes) lighting consumes far less energy than conventional incandesant bulbs, thus for the same charge will provide illumination for much longer!

Another reason is that traditional incandesant globes will last approximately a few thousand hours - whereas a LED light average 50,000 hours (with many exceeding 100,000 hours), which is over 11.5 years of continuous light 24 hours a day!

Additionally, LED lights are a safer source of light, as there is no hot filament and thus heat. This means that an LED light is more reliable, and will not fail when you need it most!

 LED lighting is quickly becoming the lighting of choice as we move into the 21st century - increased globe life, safety, low voltage and improved reliability all suggest LED is the way of the future!.. 

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