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 Wheatgrass Juicer AN - 12



 Price: $139.00



Enjoy the Full & Wholsome Flavor of Freshly Sqeezed Raw Foods...

Now it is possible for anyone to experience the health benefits of freshly squeezed wheatgrass juice - regardless of where you are! All you require is a table top and away you go. This unit is ideal for those wanting to get a feel for juicing, but without breaking the bank.

Wheatgrass has long been known as one of nature's greatest healers, and this comes as no surprise

 when you do the math - you only require 30 mls of squeezed juice to equal the nutrient, vitamin and amino acid content of roughly 1kg of green leafy vegetables.

Besides wheatgrass, this unit will also juice various fruits, vegetables, berries and other leafy greens - as long as there is juice within, this hand powered juicer will extract it!

Note: This juicer uses rubber on all metal contact points so as to avoid damaging your table or bench.

Read more about the benefits of wheatgrass in the following .pdf document;

   Health Benefits of Wheat Grass Juice - Nature's Best Kept Secret...

 Experience the Health Benefits of Living Juice Today!


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