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Reverse Osmosis Lan Shan LSRO-EQ5

Price: $890.00


Lan Shan LSRO-EQ5 Reverse Osmosis

The Lan Shan reverse osmosis system now makes it easier than ever to consume the cleanest and most pure water that you will have ever put into your mouth! This unit sits on top of the countertop and is connected directly to the mains, silently removing all known water contaminants such as Guardia, Cryptosporidium, scale, spores, bacteria, and perhaps most importantly of all, fluoride.

This unit works via passing water under pressure through a series of 5 filters. The clever arrangement of carbon filters remove organic contaminants and chlorine, whilst the CTO reverse osmosis membrane removes everything else (see chart below).

Drinking clean pure water is one of the most important things we can do for our health.

What makes this system better than the rest?

Our system is governed by its own micro processing unit - this means that at any stage throughout its working life, if there is a problem, there is immediate diagnosis. For example, if any one of the five filters are in need of replacement, the owner of the system is notified - thus removing any guess work from the equation. This in itself is VERY important with this style of machine, as the water quality at any one time is only as good as the quality of water filters.

What about the filters?

The Lan Shan systems are equipped with the latest quick change cartridges, allowing the user of any skill level to change filters effortlessly without all of the mess and fuss common with more conventional looking systems. This has now become the European standard, with the older less reliable units being systematically phased out.

This unit has the ability to “auto flush” and periodically clean its own reverse osmosis membrane. This feature is very important, as it vastly increases the life of this component. Without the auto-flush, life expectancy is cut to roughly 30% of what it may have been without this feature.

What is the water capacity?

The LSRO-EQ5 unit carries at any one time 8 litres of cool water and 3 litres of boiling water (approximate jug size). As the water is consumed, the powerful diaphramatic pump keeps the resovoirs topped up at all times - so the family is ensured of a constant supply of clean pure water at any time of the day.

As you can seein the picture above, the three pre filters are shown at the bottom of the unit, with the high performance pump at the top right, and the cool water resovoir at the top left.

Is installation simple?


Installation is a simple process, and quite often the home owner can do this themselves. The installation kit provides all necessary parts. The photo to the left shows both the inlet and outlet ports, which will require a small area at the back of the countertop to reach the inlet and waste water of your home's water system.



Below is a recent study carried out in clinical settings by a leading manufacturer of Reverse Osmosis systems


Result Comparison of Reverse Osmosis System Vs Other Conventional Purifiers 


Impurities/Chemicals Removing Capability of Different Processes 

(Likely Caused Disease)  

Pre filter 

Activated Carbon 

Ozone Treatment 


Ionizer machine 

Reverse Osmosis 

Sodium (Blood Pressure)  


Calcium (Kidney Stone)  


Magnesium (Kidney Stone) 


Lead (Mental Sickness)  



Mercury (Pain) 

Nitrate (Dysentery)  

Bacteria (Bacterial Disease)  




Pyrogen (Fever)  

Virus (Viral Disease)  




Fluoride (Bone Weakness)  

Arsenic (Poisoning)  

- Not Removed Removed  



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