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 Maca Power - Certified Organic

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Maca Power - Natures Wonder food 

Maca is a root that looks similar to a raddish, sometimes being called Peruvian Gingsing, and only grows in the Andes. This root grows many thousands of feet above sea level, and has been consumed by native growers for many thousands of years. Maca is mostly sold in a powdered form, and is perfect as a nutritional adjunct to an often nutrient deprived diet.

Hormonal health

Maca root powder is especially high in the elements magnesium, zinc, iron and calcium.  Maca assists in regulating  the menstrual cycle and reducing pre menstrual discomfort. For men, maca has been shown to increase ones stamina and libido, and has been used in sexual health clinics to assist with impotence.

Maca root stimulates the body's endocrine system via the hypothalamus and pituitary gland, thus positively balancing the entire hormonal equilibrium of the body. This not only harmonizes our internal environment, but also assists in fighting  pathogenic stressors by boosing the immune system.

How Should I take it?

Maca powder can be taken via a number of ways, including raw, cooked within dishes and even sprinked over your morning breakfast cerial! Maca is more of a wholistic supplement, and therefore can be consumed more liberally. Initially, half to one complete teaspoon twice daily is suitable for most - but as maca root stabilizes hormone levels in both men and women, just be mindful to cut back the dosage as symptoms improve.



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