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400 mg of Polygonum Cuspidatum Sourced Trans - Resveratrol per Serving...

  AUST L 197382

Resveratrol 98% Trans Resveratrol - 60 V caps


  1 bottle (60 Capsules) AU$38.00
  2 bottles (2 month supply) AU$65.00- save$7.00  
  3 bottles (Get 1 free) AU$98.00- save $54.00!
  4 bottles (get 2 free) AU$120.00- save$108.00!

 400mg of Polygonum Cuspidatum Sourced
  Trans - resveratrol per serving!

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What is Resveratrol? 

Resveratrol is available in two forms - "cis" and "Trans". Resveratrol was discovered quite by accident when a Harvard doctor by the name of Dr. Sinclair was studying the French Paradox, and whilst searching for clues as to why the French tend to live longer and healthier without disease, he stumbled upon a little known compound called resveratrol.

Why resveratrol is unique amongst all other supplements is in its ability to manipulate the expression of the gene Sirt1 within the body. To date, only  severe caloric restriction has been shown to markedly slow the aging process - until now.

What this means in simple terms is that the average person can turn on this gene of longevity merely by ingesting this compound. Resveratrol has been shown to assist in the tratment of cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, diabetes - not to mention the visible signs of aging can be slowed, and in some cases even reversed!


What Makes Our Resveratrol Better Than Most?

  • Our product only uses the "trans" type of resveratrol - not the cheaper and less pure "cis" variety. Many manufacturers use the lesser grade cis type, thus greatly reducing the potency of the product - always ask for recent independant lab testing! 
  • Each daily serving yields over 400mg of super high bioavailable 98% Trans - resveratrol. Research to date has shown this level of ingestion to be close to the optimum daily amount. 
  • Our resveratrol product is sourced from a GMP certified and HACCP approved company. Quality is therefore assured with our T98 resveratrol product. 
  • Our resveratrol product is free from any type of filler, and that includes quercetin, silica, oatbran - or any other type of glidant for that matter. This does result in a capsule that is more difficult to machine fill, but this will ensure quality is not compromised.  
  • We do not use any form of micronized resveratrol within our product formulation, as so far there is no supporting data nor clinical evidence of efficacy over and above that of pure trans resveratrol. Our product utilizes a particle size that is optimized for maximum GI absorption.   


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