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 Slow Juicer SJ-130 (Patent Technology)



 Price: $290.00



Enjoy the Full & Wholsome Flavor of Freshly Sqeezed Raw Foods...

The slow juicer SJ-130 employs a recent advancement in technology that has virtually turned the juicing world on its head! Truly, you have not seen anything like it. This design allows almost anything to be juiced - whether it be wheatgrass or soaked soybeans.

This juicer is a slow RPM unit with a benchtop footprint much smaller than most other electric juicers in the "slow juicing" arena.

The patented low-speed technology system allows the SJ-130 to operate at a nutrient sparing 80 RPM, whilst only consuming 150 watts of power. Compare this to the 1000 - 1600 RPM and upwards of 1500 watts of other centrifugal juicers and it becomes clear to see why nutrients and juice integrity quickly become compromised with traditional  juicing systems!

The secret to this technology is that the juice is extracted from the fruit or vegetable in a similiar fashion to using a mortor and pestle. This means nutrients are preserved, as friction and heat are no longer part of the equation. This saves precious nutrient and enzymes, allowing for a juice that not only tastes better - but will last longer!

Why Choose the Slow Juicing SJ-130?

  • Low Speed Technology System (LSTS) - This unit employs technology resulting from the first ever patent awarded to a juicer using the LSTS method. This is a complete departure from the commonly available masticating juicers, thus allowing the "slow juicer" to extract the maximum amount of vitamins, nutrients and taste from a minimum amount of vegetables, fruits, leafy greens, wheatgrass and even soybeans! 
  • Dual Stage Juicing - Juice is first extracted via the crushing stage, and before the pulp is ejected, it is squeezed a second time for further extraction. 
  • Higher Yields - Testing has shown that the slow juicer SJ-130 yields upwards of 50% more juice than a centrifugal juicer - and in half the time! 
  • Better Quality Juice - This technology provides a higher level of nutrients, better flavor and superior freshness - no foaming or frothing. 
  • Self Cleaning - It is as simple as pouring water through the unit. Traditional juicers can become quite a burden to clean. 
  • Small Footprint - This style of juicer takes up very little bench space, making itself a permanant addition to most benchtops! 

The Low Speed Technology System (LSTS) is the greatest advancement made in the area of juicing for some time. Now you can extract the maximum amount of vitamins, nutrients, enzymes and taste.

It's never too late to begin improving your health with living food! 




80 rpm, 0.32 hp Single phase induction motor

Juicer Type 

Multifunction Multipurpose juicer 

Compatible Foods 

Wheatgrass, Fruits, Vegetables, Leafy Greens plus soaked nuts, beans, pulses & grains for drinks 


Funnel and pusher 


Poly carbonate, Melamine 


Table top 

Input Voltage 



Domestic: 3 Year Warranty on Motor, 3 years on Parts and Labour

Shipping Size 

L 39 x W 18 x H 26cm


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