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Buffered Vitamin C Powder with Hesperidin & Minerals 

 Price: $22.90



 How Does It Taste?

Many ascorbic acid formulations on the market currently may be good for you - but taste absolutely awful! This product is different, and is among the best tasting that we have sampled. With the unique blend of natural citris extracts and stevia combination, this is in fact a pleasure to take.

   The Benefits Of Vitamin C - Why This Nutrient Is So Important

   Vitamin C and Heart Disease - What You Need To Know To Stay Healthy

   Chronic Vitamin C Deficiency Increases The Risk Of Inflammatory Diseases

This product;

  • is completely free of artificial flavours, sugars, colours and sweeteners.

  • 100% free of all fillers, GMO's and gluten

  • Replenishes amino acid and mineral reserves lost whilst sweating during workouts.

  • 100% free of all mineral phosphates.

  • Free of yeast, wheat, corn, artificial sweeteners, lactose, flavors and sucrose.

Vitamin C is one of the most important nutritional supplements that is known to man, and is supported by an enormous amount of scientific literature. Be sure that you are getting enough by supplementing with one of the best tasting formulations on the market today! 

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