Potent super nutrition & clean pure water are the cornerstones of good health

Clean pure water and a well balanced diet are of absolute importance for maintaining good health. The human body can only be at its best when the body is adequately nourished and hydrated. Over the last 30 years, both the water quality and nutritional profile of our food has fallen dramatically.

Fortunately for us, science can now assist us with clean pure drinking water using a Lan Shan LSRO-919WR water filter, being confident that all viral, bacterial, heavy metal and chemical additives are removed - resulting in a sweet tasting and super hydrating water for both you and your family.

Our most popular water purification unit offers both hot and room temperature options within the one unit. The Lan Shan LSRO-EQ5 is our most popular model, and has become a stylish addition to many kitchens. 

Our two most popular super food supplements are our acai berry powder and Trans - resveratrol product. Both of these food supplements assist the body in maintaining a higher level of health and vitality.


T98 Trans - Resveratrol

Our T98 Resveratrol V - Cap product is for individuals who are looking for a top quality resveratrol formulation at an affordable price. Each serving contains over 400mg of lab tested trans - resveratrol, and has been shown to effectively slow aging within the body.

More info about our resveratrol product


 Kyocera Ceramic Chefs Knife

 This professional chef's knife features a deeper blade for greater knuckle clearance, and is available in both white and black. The ergonomically designed resin handle provides precise control, making it easy to use. Offered in white and black bladed versions, these ultra sharp and sleek knives are perfect for everyday use in the kitchen.

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Maca Power - Certified Organic

Maca root powder is especially high in the elements magnesium, zinc, iron and calcium. Maca root has been known historically to increase an individuals sexual potency, and it achieves this by balancing a woman's hormonal profile whilst mopping up excess estrogen.  More info about our organic maca powder


5 Stage RO LS-BB203

If you are on a budget, but would like all of the benefits of consuming water that has been passed through a 5 stage reverse osmosis system - then this is the model for you! This unit has all of the features mentioned above, including quick replace filters and heavy duty pump,  except the micro processor. The LS-BB203 will sit under the kitchen counter easily, and will supply the family quality drinking water free of fluouride and many other contaminants for years to come!

More on our Reverse Osmosis systems

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Lan Shan LSRO-919WR Reverse Osmosis 

The Lan Shan reverse osmosis system now makes it easier than ever to consume the cleanest and most pure water that you will have ever put into your mouth! This unit sits below the countertop and is connected directly to the mains, silently removing all known water contaminants such as Guardia, Cryptosporidium, scale, spores, bacteria, and perhaps most importantly of all, fluoride.

This unit works via passing water under pressure through a series of 5 filters. Drinking clean pure water is one of the most important things we can do for bodies, so do not delay any longer.

More info about our Reverse Osmosis systems


Pure Clean EC22 Water Distiller

The Pure Clean water distiller produces up to 4 litres of water each hour, every hour. This reliable unit removes contaminants such as chlorine, fluorine and pathogenic elements within water. As the water evaporates it leaves dissolved solids and waste in the basin, whilst collecting the resultant steam and then converting this back into pure water within its stainless steel top. This water is then dripped into the waiting resovoir.

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